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How to compare two Strings in C#

Best way how to compare two string is using methode String.Compare(String, String, Boolean).

For third parameter (Boolean) you can use true if you want to ignore case during the comparison; otherwise use false or leave out it as it is in example.

    stringstrString1 = "abcd";
    stringstrString2 = "dcba";

    if (String.Compare(strString1, strString2) == 0)
        // strString1 and strString2 are equal
        // strString1 and strString2 are different

Because strings used in example are diferrent, execution of our program will be continuing in section 'else'.

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SlovakRuth: Karla
Excellent post. You must continue to offer excellent resources and content like you have been offering. I will most likely stop by again in the future.

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